GDRF is dedicated to finding a cure for GRIN genes disorders. We are a parent-run organization funding research and building awareness.

Our Objectives

GDRF raises funds to support research for both drug and gene therapy solutions.
In order to increase researchers’ access and interest in GRIN disorders, we are developing an international open, searchable patient registry program.
We increase public and medical-field awareness and understanding of GRIN related disorders through online presence, social media, campaigns, events, and media opportunities.

The GDRF Research Network

research countries
The GDRF runs the only large scale cure-for-GRIN translational research in existence. The GDRF coordinates and monitors an active collaborated GRIN research done by many researchers and clinicians working in academic laboratories and health institutes from the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Israel and Poland. The GDRF network also includes three leading medical centers and several commercial companies